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Professional Equipped Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Solar Panels need maintaining just like everything. Part of that maintenance is keeping them clean to make sure they’re operating at optimal efficiency. Solar Panels are very clever, sensitive pieces of technology. Hence why they can cost so much money. So you’ll want to make sure that they’re not being negatively affected by any external factors. Of course one these factors can be the build up of dirt and dust that collects on your solar panels over time. 

Dirty solar panels can be reduced in energy conversion efficiency from anywhere between 15-25% depending on your environmental conditions and other factors. Thankfully there’s a simple solution, which is to clean your solar panels on a semi-regular basis. A light scrubbing and some pure water does the trick quite well in most cases. Of course not everyone enjoys getting up of their roof do this. That’s when you call the professionals. Contact PNS today and get a fixed quote to clean your solar panels.

What Causes Solar Panels to Degrade?

There are multiple reasons as to why solar panels may deteriorate over time. In terms of keeping the clean there are a few main culprits as to what causes them to stop functioning at 100% capacity. Your local environmental conditions will determine how much your solar panels can deteriorate. Solar panels in Perth’s northern suburbs can experience a good deal of dust build-up with may not seem like a major factor, but it can in fact have a significant effect on your panels. 

Solar panels are quite sensitive pieces of technology, that thin layer of dust covering your panels is actually affecting the intake of the sun’s energy by more than you might think. Dust may not being very substantial but it is covering up a large portion of a solar panel’s reflective surface. Other main culprits tend to be tree sap. Depending on the area you live, suburbs with a lot of tall trees can cause your panels to accumulate tree sap. This can be a little more effort to remove as tree sap dries like glue when it dries and can take heat and bit of elbow grease to remove. Thankfully for us and you PNS uses a pure water-fed pole system to tackle this problem.