Domestic Window Cleaning Perth

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Everyone loves to have their house looking its best. You can have the nicest house in the street, with the best taste in furniture but if your windows are dirty and smeared it will be bring down the whole look of your home. People tend to view cleaning their windows as a mundane chore, one they don’t have time for on top of everything else. Let PNS Window Cleaning manage this for you. We can access all those windows that you find difficult or dangerous to reach. We don’t cut any corners, we believe in providing a professional service that meets our customers expectations. And we do all this at very affordable pricing. 

Some people will happily manage their domestic window cleaning themselves which is understandable. There is something to be said though about getting the job done right the first time. When you have experienced professionals with the best equipment then you can be assured that the job will be done right. Call us today to arrange a free quote.

What's Included

External & Internal Glass

Some Perth window cleaning services only provide cleaning for exterior glass. Some customers may even request their exterior glass cleaned. Yes the exterior will be dirtier than interior in general. But having just the external glass cleaned will just highlight the marks on the interior. For a complete and proper finish, both interior and exterior need to be done to the same standard.

Fly Screens

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The part that people easily forget when cleaning their windows. But their get just as dirty as the rest of the window even if you can't easily see it. That means it's easy for some Perth window cleaning services to get away with not doing it. But if they're a genuine professional service then they will. Like we say, we don't cut corners so be assured your frames will be cleaned thoroughly. 

Sliding Door Tracks

Window and sliding tracks is where all the dust and dirt is likely to congregate. And because of the difficultly of accessing the tracks cleaning them properly can be very time consuming. As part of of our standard service we include cleaning of the sliding door tracks. Due to all the foot traffic they can build up a large amount of dirt. To clean every window track times considerable time so if you wish for them to be done also and properly we can add that service as an extra.

What to Look for in a Residential Window Cleaning Service

There are a few things worth considering when looking for a Perth window cleaning service, particularly if you are seeking domestic window cleaning. There’s always a risk using using any service on whether or not you’re choosing the right one. But as with anything you can help minimise the risk by choosing wisely. 

Be wary of the infamous “pop-up” window cleaning services. These aren’t genuine professional window cleaners, most likely it’s someone needing a bit of extra cash. A great place to start is does the service have a website? Services running purely on Gumtree or Facebook are a good clue that they’re not professional. 

Nothing should go wrong whilst someone is cleaning your windows. But accidents happen. And when it does it makes it a lot simpler and painless when insurance is involved. We have public liability to make sure there are no headaches should a mishap occur.  

You’re letting people into your home! Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing that the service is a legitimate business and not simply someone with a squeegee and bucket. At PNS we have national police checks as well as working safely at heights certifications.