Commercial Window Cleaning Perth

Reliable & Affordable

Professional & Affordable

Are you a business owner or property manager? Do you struggle to find reliable window cleaning services that don’t charge over-the-top? Don’t worry PNS has your Perth commercial window cleaning covered.   

Every business or commercial property needs their windows cleaned just like every one else. Even small business owners with shopfronts. It’s part of standard  property maintenance so it’s important to have it done at least semi-annually and have it done by window cleaning professional. Perth commercial window cleaning jobs come in all shapes and sizes, at PNS Window Cleaning we do our best to adapt to every job. We are not high rise window cleaners, but apart from that there aren’t many jobs we can’t handle.

Our industry grade pure-water system means we can deliver the best possible service to our customers. The de-ionised water system allows for a streak-free finish that much more difficult to achieve without it. And our water-fed pole systems allows for a reach of up to ten metres giving us access to all those windows ordinarily out of reach or too dangerous to access by ladder. Get in contact today and we can arrange your free fixed quote.

Typical Commercial Window Cleaning


For low-level strata complexes with exterior windows up to 10 metres in height we're the window cleaners for you. The larger Perth commercial window cleaning companies are more interested in the big jobs where they can demand huge sums of money because there is very limited supply of their services. There are plenty of strata complexes out there that are only few a stories high and don't have the budgets of massive apartment complexes. If you're a strata manager of such a property gives us a call today and we'll quote you fair price. 

Large Commercial

Office buildings and other similar premises often require frequent window cleaning. If you're in charge of overseeing the maintenance of such properties why not save yourself one less thing to worry about and employ the services of professional Perth commercial window cleaners. At PNS we proud ourselves on being reliable, affordable and our dedication to providing the best possible service. Why not request a free fixed today. We guarantee that we are some of the most affordable window cleaning services and definitely one of the best value.


Small businesses owners who own a retail store or property where they service customers need their business looking its best. What kind of impression would dirty and misty window have on potential customers? Not a great one for sure. Hire the services of PNS Window Cleaning to prevent this from happening. We provide window cleaning at great pricing and can be there outside your business owners. Simply give us a call to arrange a free quote.


We can service buildings with windows up to 10 metres in height. There are plenty of government properties out there that fit that criteria and are in need of solid window cleaning services. Our services will definitely suit your budget as we some of the best value window cleaners in Perth. We feel confident in saying that if you were to use our services once you'll be glad you choose PNS and will be happy to keep us our window cleaning services on retainer.

Why Choose PNS

When hiring maintenance services to look after your business or commercial property you want to be sure you’re paying for a reliable and comprehensive service. There will no doubt be other “professional” window cleaners out there offering their services for surprisingly cheap rates. 

This can seem tempting because for property managers and business owners that bottom line is always a focus. But beware! Such window cleaning services aren’t offering cheap rates out of the good of their heart. You could very well be left with a 75% completed job that isn’t much of an improvement from before. 

At PNS our philosophy is to dedicate ourselves to each and every job and give 100% so that our customers are completely satisfied with the work. Over time we’ve found that more often that not, people would prefer to pay a little more and receive a comprehensive service. So if you are looking for Perth commercial window cleaning speak to the team at PNS Window Cleaning today!